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Deployment Flexibility

Deploy DiLL in a fixed lab, a mobile MacBook cart, or in your 1-to-1 MacBook Program.

Network Flexibility

DiLL's unicast architecture has no VLAN requirements - even host lab sessions remotely.

Single Sign-On

DiLL integrates with any LDAPv3 based directory system for seamless SSO.

Automatic Self-Updates

Software updates and new features are downloaded and installed automatically.


Students & Teacher

  • Any Mac computer (all models):
  • MacBook, iMac, or Mac Mini w/ external display
  • Headsets with microphone
  • Network connection
Apple MacBook Language Lab Apple iMac Language Lab Apple Mac Mini Language Lab

DiLL Server


  • For wired labs: any 64-bit Mac
  • For wireless labs: 64-bit Mac with quad-core processor

Recommended Configuration:

  • 500 GB internal storage
  • 1TB external drive for Time Machine backups
  • Dedicated for hosting DiLL only
Apple Mac Mini DiLL Server Apple Mac Pro DiLL Server


Basic Requirements:

  • DiLL server is the nexus for all data sent to/from lab stations
  • Lab stations and server can be on any VLAN as long as a network route exists between them

Wireless Requirements:

  • High-performance 802.11n/ac access point in every classroom
  • Each access point uses an interference-free 5 GHz channel

Access Points Tested:

  • AeroHive, Aruba, Avaya, Cisco, Fortinet, HP, Juniper, Meraki, Ruckus, Xirrus
Aerohive Wireless Language Lab Cisco Wireless Language Lab Aruba Wireless Language Lab Ruckus Wireless Language Lab


Superior headsets produce superior recordings, so what makes one headset better than another?

Sound Isolation

Does the headset provide circumaural earcups that fully cover students' ears and block sound?

USB Chipset Quality

Many low-end USB audio controllers suffer from clock drift and require corrective measures in software.


Does the headset have side-tone, i.e., the ability for students to hear themselves while they speak?

Microphone-Mute Button

Does the headset have a physical mute button that students can trigger by accident?

Specific models we recommend:

Logitech Clear Chat H390 Language Lab HeadsetLogitech ClearChat H390Sennheiser GSP-350 Language Lab HeadsetSennheiser GSP-350 USB
Sound Isolation
USB Chipset Quality
Side-Tone (hear yourself as you speak)
No Mic Mute Button
Build Quality
Cost~$20/unitDiLL-School Quote

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Why should I use DiLL? My students already speak in class.

DiLL helps teachers maximize students' speaking time in class by providing a controlled environment that allows all students in the classroom to speak simultaneously without distracting each other.

If the whole class is speaking at the same time, won't students record over each other?

For classroom use, a headset with circumaural headphones and a noise-cancelling microphone will capture only the speaker's voice while also allowing the student to listen -- distraction free.

Will DiLL work wirelessly?

Yes! You can turn any classroom space into a full-featured language lab using only DiLL, Macs, and 802.11n/ac WiFi, without sacrificing either voice quality or voice latency.

Is DiLL Mac only?

DiLL is currently only compatible with Macs. In the short-term, we'll be releasing an iOS app for iPads, iPods, and iPhones.