How to purchase DiLL.

Four easy steps:

  1. Request a quote
  2. Fill out, review, and sign the order form
  3. Download DiLL
  4. Schedule installation and training

Request a quote and more details below

A DiLL Purchase Includes:

DiLL Software

Installation & Training

First Year's Support Plan

Visit the Features page to learn more about DiLL
or Support for details on installation, training, and the DiLL Support Plan.

Step one: request a quote.

Licensing DiLL involves three components:

  1. One-time software license fee
  2. One-time installation and training fee
  3. First year's DiLL Support Plan

Request a quote now using the form on your right.

Request a Quote

Instructor Station + Student Seats

Step two: fill out and sign order form.

If the quote is acceptable, fill out, sign, and return the included DiLL order form. Be sure to review the attached software license and service policy.

Step three: download DiLL.

Upon receipt of the signed order form, login credentials will be provided to the DiLL Support Portal, where you can download the DiLL installation files and access reference materials and training resources.

Step four: schedule installation & training.

After receiving the signed order form, we will contact you to schedule a suitable date for on-site installation and training and work with your IT staff to complete several pre-installation steps prior to our visit.