All-digital, non-proprietary, Mac friendly. Use DiLL to spark unlimited conversations in the classroom, with an interface teachers love to use.

Software that's IT-friendly.

DiLL easily deploys and integrates into your existing IT infrastructure.

Simple Installation

Automatic Discovery

LDAP Compatible

Drag-and-drop into the applications folder or deploy over Apple Remote Desktop with a single .pkg file.

No more IP address lists. Computers are detected automatically using Bonjour, Apple's zero-configuration networking technology.

Full integration with any LDAPv3-compatible directory server. Use the credentials you already know.

Native Mac Code

Centralized Data Storage

High Quality Audio

DiLL is built using Apple's native Cocoa frameworks and runs alongside other Mac software without interference. No more dual-boot headaches.

DiLL stores all configuration data centrally - not on the end-user's machine - so you can erase and re-image with abandon.

DiLL uses modern audio codecs for CD-quality, distortion-free voice conferencing with extremely low latency.

Learn more about DiLL's technical architecture and how it works