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Before you install DiLL...

DiLL is a virtual language lab for use in a classroom environment that works through a visual interface presented on a network of Macintosh computers. Through software, it both emulates and extends the traditional language lab.

There are three programs that make up DiLL:

Student Client

(installed on Student's computer)

Students use the Client to:

  • Listen to audio and make recordings
  • Self-practice
  • Interact with the teacher and fellow classmates

Lab Controller

(installed on Teacher's computer)

Teachers use the Controller to:

  • Manage the classroom
  • See and/or hear what students are working on
  • Communicate with students
  • Pair or group students in conversation
  • Assign lessons and administer exams

DiLL Server

(installed on a Mac Mini server)

The DiLL Server:

  • Automatically saves and organizes student work
  • Serves as an organized central repository of lesson material
  • Accessible with a web browser at school or at home

Note: the DiLL server is normally located on your school's internal network. However, this demo software connects to a remote demonstration server hosted by Swift Education Systems.

As a result, live audio may be delayed (depending on your distance from the demo server) and you cannot save audio lessons to the catalog.

System Requirements

To use DiLL, you will need:

  • Mac computers running OS X 10.7 - 10.12
  • Headset with microphone
  • Network connectivity to
  • Using Wi-Fi: an interference-free 5 GHz 802.11n/ac channel

To minimize voice delay, a high-speed internet connection should be used. The demonstration server is located in Milwaukee, WI. The DiLL software connects over TCP ports 80, 443, 18887, and UDP port 16410.

Installing DiLL Demo

To install DiLL, open the disk image file (.dmg), then open the package corresponding to the application (DiLL Client, or DiLL Lab Controller) you would like to install. Click "Continue". After installation, the application can be found in the Applications folder of your hard disk.

Using DiLL demonstration accounts

When the "DiLL Client" or "DiLL Lab Controller" programs are first opened, they will ask you for a username and password. To log-in to the demonstration system, you can use the following student and teacher account names and passwords.

Students:  student1, student2, student3, student4, student5, student6, etc..
Instructors:  teacher1
Password:  roygbiv  (for both students and instructors)

For example, in the "DiLL Client" application, you would type "student1" in the Login field and "roygbiv" in the Password field.

The demonstration server's lesson catalog includes a selection of public domain and Creative-Commons-licensed sample audio lessons in French, German, Chinese, and Spanish. To access these lessons in DiLL Client, select "Open From Catalog for Practice..." from the "Lesson" menu. After browsing to a specific lesson, simply click "Choose" and the file will be loaded into the player automatically. Alternatively, most audio files can be opened for playback by choosing "Open from Disk..." from the "Lesson" menu.

For using the teaching features of DiLL Lab Controller, please refer to the "DiLL Teacher's Guide" PDF included with the demo disk image.

Reviewing recorded audio

Any recordings created within the context of an assigned task can be reviewed by logging in (using the teacher1 account) to the following URL:

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